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#S2E7: Entrepreneurship as the pursuit of freedom with Paul Tansey

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Having spent over 18 years building a team of self-professed “marketing nerds”, Paul Tansey is a man with a firm grasp on digital marketing in a rapidly evolving market. His story is one of highs and lows, with lessons for us all on finding a work-life balance that allows us to chase a dream.

In this episode we learn how Paul, MD at Intergage, adapted to the rise of open source software, how he discovered the value that his team places on flexible working, and the pursuit of freedom that forms the foundation of any entrepreneur’s journey.

This episode of 10th Degree covers:

  • The early years of selling software as a service

  • Learning the importance of self-care

  • The game-changing threat of open source software

  • Handling a difference of opinion in business leadership

  • Fulfilling staff’s dreams in order to fulfil your own

  • Flexible working and the next generation

  • Finding the biggest lessons in your mistakes


Paul Tansey: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paultanseyatintergage/

Anthony Story: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-story-4032a63/

Key highlights:

“I would ask people to search for our site, and they’d see it in their search engine, then I’d ask ‘If people type your name into a search engine, would they find your company?’” - 7:15 - Paul Tansey

“Our customers would get excited when we see them, sign the purchase order, then when it came to doing their homework so we could build their site they’d keep us waiting - the record was 4 years from signing the order to finishing the site!” - 9:20 - Paul Tansey

“I was happy being the sales director creating chaos, going out, making sales and having fun. But being managing director was a new challenge.” - 11:00 - Paul Tansey

“One of the things I discovered on a personal level is that I wasn’t invincible - I worked 16 hour days far too often, sometime 7 days a week, it was an awful lot of work and it took a toll.” - 13:00 - Paul Tansey

“My warning to everyone overworking is that I had a moment of realisation; no matter how much this company means to me, I’m no use to my wife and children in the graveyard.” - 14:30 - Paul Tansey

“When two 50-50 owners have a difference of opinion, where one wants to turn left and the other wants to turn right, that’s when you have a problem and it took us around a year to solve it.” - 25:00 - Paul Tansey

“I think entrepreneurs are brave, but it’s a pursuit of freedom. You need to understand what it is you’re pursuing - freedom from money, freedom from a corporate boss, or freedom to spend your time how you want.” - 30:25 - Paul Tansey

“You have to have a dream - as they say if you don’t have a dream then you can’t have a dream come true.” - 34:15 - Paul Tansey

“The next, young generation now is looking at the previous generation and going ‘We don’t want to do it like they did, we want a better work life balance’.” - 35:40 - Paul Tansey

“Be kind to people when you’re doing well because you will have a down, and if you’re overly arrogant you open yourself up to being kicked really hard if things go wrong.” - 42:30 - Paul Tansey