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#S3E2: The C21st Customer Conundrum

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In this episode, we discuss the C21st Customer Conundrum with three experts in their fields.

As high streets continue to be hit by the impact of Covid and a drop in footfall, we are seeing new ways to connect with customers emerging. Whether it’s developing alternative ways to sell or pivoting to provide brand new services, this event explored some of the successful approaches local small businesses can and have embraced.

The panel further discuss and identify the key issues most likely to impact retail, shops, restaurants and coffee bars in 2022.

Our panel for this episode are:

Jamie Derrick - JD Ecommerce

Emma Jones - South Coast Social

Mark Masters - You Are The Media

This episode of 10th Degree covers:

  • What business can do to improve their connection with customers

  • People's shopping habits and why they go to the high street

  • Supporting local independent businesses

  • How online store data can be used for a physical store

  • Facebook insights

  • Building dialogue with your audience

  • The best thing to do when building an e-commerce website

  • Last thoughts from our panel


Silicon South Website: https://siliconsouth.org.uk/c21st-customer-conundrum-event/

Anthony Story: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-story-4032a63/

Jamie Derrick - https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiederrick/

Emma Jones - https://www.linkedin.com/in/emma-jones-scs/

Mark Masters - https://www.linkedin.com/in/markiemasters/

Key highlights:

“We're really focusing on what businesses can do to improve the connection that they have with customers and therefore how that leads on into improving sales." - 2:02 - Anthony Story

“We normally find is people come to us where they are kind of at the beginning of their journey to go online, to take their store online. And typically we see clients who have already got themselves online using generally Shopify, and they've kind of got to the point where they just don't really know where to go next. ” - 9:21 - Jamie Derrick

“If we don't go to the bookshop, then they're going to be gone. From our own childhood, there is that association by going to places because you care. So the customer service is still the same, but it feels nice. There's only one BH6." - 14:50 - Mark Masters

“The really interesting thing I think that might be considered for a smaller retailer, a traditional retailer, is that if they set up an online store because they then have that data available to them, they can use that data and apply it to the bricks and mortar store as well. - 20:49 - Jamie Derrick

“So the insights that you get through Facebook is essentially when your audience are online and how much they're engaging with you.” - 24:13 - Emma Jones

“Any kind of e-commerce heavily recommend Pinterest and Tik Tok.” - 27:48 - Emma Jones

“How we can build that dialogue with other people you talk about and people responding to our posts and everything else that we do. And that to me, is where engagement, if that's where the return is, that's what that's the measurement allows people to comment." - 42:34 - Mark Masters

“Audience is how we share content that can help and support people, right? An audience is that's what we can do as small businesses and retailers and whatever and the sector that we're a part of. ” - 48:51 - Mark Masters

“The best thing to do is when you are building an e-commerce website, particularly on the product page, what you need to be thinking about is what are all the things that people are going to be thinking about that make them not want to buy from you? - 59:32 - Jamie Derrick

“Our audience, honestly, is a lot less than we probably think that we need to have." - 1:01:47 - Mark Masters