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#S3E3: Ready for Take-Off

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For most, business is looking strong in 2022, but there’s big pressure on hiring and retaining staff. This impacts all levels: from junior – to middle – to senior.

Salvation partly lies through university and college talent pipelines, but we need to attract staff from outside the region too – especially at mid-level. Meanwhile, local agencies are working with some seriously impressive clients – from Virgin – to Marvel – to influencers like KSI.

We have a wealth of talent deserving a bonanza of client interest. Fabulous opportunities – yes – but a lot of work is needed to exploit this much more effectively.

Silicon South’s mission for 2022 is to sit at the heart of helping the sector solve these challenges and maximise the opportunities. Ready for Take Off invites local businesses to join the conversation about how this needs to happen. Share their priorities, hear what others want, and find out what’s already happening.

Our panel for this episode are:

Anthony Story - Silicon South

Sam Smith - April Six

Matt Desmier - Wise Old Uncle

This episode of 10th Degree covers:

  • Understanding the interests of the digital economy

  • 3 key issues we are facing

  • How to find midway job talent

  • Promoting the region

  • Collaborating with each other

  • Talent exchange


Silicon South Website: https://siliconsouth.org.uk/ready-for-take-off/

Anthony Story: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthony-story-4032a63/

Sam Smith - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sambutcher/

Matt Desmier - https://www.linkedin.com/in/mattdesmier/

Key highlights:

“The one thing that brings us all here is that we're all interested in trying to understand the interests of the digital economy, how we can try and make that better.” - 3:27 - Anthony Story

“Three key issues through that feedback. One is talent is clearly an issue, and that's at all levels, getting talent, whether that's at early stage or mid-range or even senior.” - 6:57 - Anthony Story

“We're a small town, OK? We've got city region status, but we're a small town, but we've got nearly 40 agencies that are bigger than the national average.” - 13:17 - Matt Desmier

“There's effectively 120 midway jobs, which is worth approximately three million pounds.” - 15:57 - Matt Desmier

“The focus should be on the Midway talent. What is it that we can present them with here that will attract them here?" - 22:45 - Matt Desmier

“Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole is a great place to bring up kids, so we find we can get talent out of London. You know, the big bright lights of London, but sometimes I feel they are coming down for an easy life and it's like, I'm not going to give you an easy life. You know, we work bloody hard and we're really proud of the clients we have.” - 32:06 - Sam Smith

“I think we need to work better together. And I really think we need to pull what we're doing and what we're saying. So we've got one voice. We all need to shout about it more and how proud we are of what we've got here." - 38:24 - Sam Smith

“Q&A Session with the audience - 39:43 - Anthony Story

“So this is some stuff that Silicon South is planning." - 01:13:53 - Anthony Story