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Welcome to the 10th Degree Podcast. I’m Anthony Story.

Now you’re probably wondering why an earth do I want to listen to this, who the hell is this guy and why has the podcast got such a dumb name?

Good questions!

Well, for want of a better description, I’m a middle of the road entrepreneur. I’ve had some successes, and messed up almost as often!

What really drives me is trying to find out how I can do this better.

Well actually, being British, what I’m really asking is how the hell can avoid screwing up.

Over the past 10 years I’ve shifted from running creative companies, to helping other people run theirs.

I’m lucky enough to work with a load of really smart people, to help founders and managers be better - occasionally brilliant.

Right now, I’m the Director of Silicon South, a network for creative, digital and tech businesses in Bournemouth and the South of England.

We run accelerators, mentoring and investment programmes.

Every six months we run The 10th Degree event.

We get 10 unbelievably knowledgable experts to give in-depth, one-to-one advice, to start up and scale up companies.

It’s a full-on day and an amazing experience for them.

What we want to do is give you the sort of experience those guys get, with this podcast.

We’ll pick a topic, dive in to it with someone who knows the subject inside out.

They’re not house hold names, and I won’t be focusing on their back story.

I want them to tell us the practical steps anyone starting out or scaling up should do to get on.

This is not about abstract concepts or personal achievements.

It’s about discovering exactly what you should do, right now - or maybe tomorrow, after you’ve listened to this.

Like the actual 10th Degree day, we’ll add a bit of fun too, you know to break up the monotony of learning how to be unbelievably successful.

So let’s get to it!